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About Our Half Day Sailing Yachts

pacifca sailing charters | boat tours | san diegoWe feature several different types of sailing charters and boat tours. Our Sea Lion / Dolphin boat tours leave at 11am and again at 4pm every day. This is a spectacular sightseeing tour and one the whole family will enjoy.

Our sailing boat tours and boat charters allow you to enjoy breathtaking views of downtown while relaxing on your own private yacht. Take a sailing lesson and explore the naval base, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and submarines, not to mention an incredible abundance of sea life including Sea Lions, Dolphins and Whales.


You can’t come to San Diego and NOT see the seals and sea lions.
Still not sure what the difference is?

pacifca sailing charters | boat tours | san diegoHere is the easiest explanation: If they have large flippers, bark loudly, you can see their ear flaps and they are brown, they are sea lions. If they have small flippers, you can’t see their ear flaps, and they wriggle on their bellies when on land, it is a seal.

So BIG ears, flippers, and voice means sea lion (the word is bigger so use that to remember). Small means small flippers, small or no ear flaps, small to the ground since they wriggle on their belly equals seal – which is the smaller word.

Now when you go to San Diego to see the Seals or Sea Lions you will know which is which and will be able to impress your fellow visitors!

pacifca sailing charters | boat tours | san diegoThere are a couple of options for seeing the seals and sea lions in the San Diego area. The best decision you want to make is to see them on close up from a boat. You can get up close and personal with the seals without disturbing them from several of our boat tours.

I guarantee you will stand there for longer then you think just watching them lay there, then quickly wiggle out of the way as the water comes closer, or fight over an open spot. It was also really cool to watch the seals swim up out of the ocean and on to the bait barge only  a couple of feet away from us on the boat. We even got to see some adorable pups!

It's basically impossible not to see at least a dozen seals or sea lions when you visit San Diego on this tour, plus the views are pretty amazing too!

pacifca sailing charters | boat tours | san diegoIf you are looking for an opportunity to get out on the water when you are in San Diego, Pacifica Sailing Charters is hands down the best tour available. On this tour, you get on to a boat, head out towards the submarine base, and start your sightseeing tour of the bay. Everyone will enjoy the excitement of sailing around downtown San Diego and then right up to where the seals and sea lions live.

The tour guide teaches you all about the area and throws in some family friendly humor s you sail around downtown San Diego. The boat captain knows of a great place to take you where there are almost always seals and sea lions.

It does take time to get there. While you sail, enjoy incredible sights of downtown, the navy ships, and the submarine base located right next to where the seals and sea lions live.

The tour guide talks about all of the buildings and the history of the area. It was really fascinating and cool to hear. Everyone is also on the lookout for dolphins.

pacifca sailing charters | boat tours | san diegoOnce you reach the area where seals and sea lions normally hang out, the boat will sail within inches away to the platform where they are all sun bathe. 

If you aren’t on that side of the boat, never fear, because the boat will turn around so both sides get an awesome shot of the seals just hanging out.

It is a cool experience getting to see them while you were on a boat in the water and able to get super close to them! Plus you will learn a lot about San Diego.

Sailing with Pacifica Sailing Charters will make it a memorable trip and one your family will definitely remember.



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